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June 07 2017

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i hate that cheatin and just overall bad relationship practices are so widely accepted now. people get in relationships half-assed, not ready to open up but wanting complete transparency from their partner. everybody’s so afraid to get hurt that relationships just become a game of emotional chicken.

people hiding feelings waiting for the other person to say it first before we admit it, keepin other options while knowing exactly who we want, playin games wit people’s heads and hearts cause we not sure about our own.

this isn’t love. these are just games we play to avoid the pain. but true love is vulnerable. real love is open. don’t let this world convince you otherwise.

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i missed the 2 year anniversary of my favorite video of all time by just 10 days, happy birthday alt j song

i think about this entire video pretty much constantly but the singular moment of Red Shirt trying to mess with buttons on the recorder and Jean Jacket gently moving his hands away without missing a beat of “butt put it in my butt put it in my butt put it UP” absolutely haunts me and i hope this kids are still stoned as god himself and making music

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(goes to a pride parade) if you didnt know i belong in the community because i jack off a lot

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yall I fucking bled for this peice of trash pls like it 

oh. I thought it was a photo.

Damn it took me 5 minutes to figure out why you wanted people to like a picture of soap. You did such a good job people think you are just posting random pics of soap.

this isn’t the fist time this has happened, I painted lube and everyone was confused that I posted a picture of lube 

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It’s a fucking banger

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fiona is beautiful and doing great. i love her


i know that this ship sailed years ago, and i’m not exactly complaining, but i’m so bewildered by all the babadook memes. i think that happened while i was on my tumblr break, so when i came back, the babadook was understood to be a gay rights activist and i just had to accept that

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they tore down my childhood home in istanbul. i visited last winter break and saw this nine foot statue in its place

Caillou, stealer of souls, destroyer of homes


girls really be scared to choke you back like baby it’s cool im tryna die in you.

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